July Favorites

   Hey guys! I’m back with some of my favorites for this month! Before we start I just want to apologize in advance for my future sporadic posting. School just started up for me again and the first few weeks are always hectic. I probably won’t post frequently for a few weeks and I’m sorry about that, but once things even out, I hope to be back to a regular schedule. Thanks for your understanding, let’s get into my favorites!

E.l.f Mad for Matte eyeshadow palette 

   If you saw my five first impressions post, then you already saw me review this item, and here I am to talk about it again! This palette contains 10 shadows and retails for 10 dollars. In complete honesty, not all the shadows are my favorite, some of the brown shades have little color pay off and are hard to blend. However, the three shades that are featured in the photo are my all time favorites and I’ve been using them almost every day. This palette is perfect for the upcoming fall, and great for anyone looking for an affordable matte palette.

Elizabeth Arden Lip Gloss

   I couldn’t for the life of me tell you what shade I have, it isn’t on the actual tube and the website is useless for color comparison. All I know is that it’s a very pretty pink shade that looks great by itself or layered over a lipstick. This has been living in my purse for most of the summer and I love it! The formula is a little thick and sticky so if you don’t like that, this product isn’t for you. My favorite part of this is the way it smells like straight up sugar, and the smell sticks around through the day which is a definite pro for me. This product is a high end product that retails for about 20 dollars, so it’s definitely not affordable. But if you do want a very nice, high quality lip gloss, I can highly recommend this one.

Wet n Wild Contouring Palette, shade 749A Dulce de Leche             

   Here’s another product you might have seen in my five first impressions post, and my thoughts have not changed. I really do like this formula, though it is a little powdery, and the color choice is perfect for my skin tone. Both shades are very blendable and highly pigmented. It’s a great palette from the drugstore and it makes me want to try some other wet n wild stuff in the future. Do you guys have any recommendations for good products for that brand?

NYC Smooth Skin Loose Face Powder, translucent 

   This product is my proof that sometimes hasty online purchases can work in your favor. I actually should have put this powder in last months favorites, but I felt like I needed to test it out for. Mostly, I use this product for baking my under eyes, but I also use it to set my whole face when I do minimal makeup, and it’s great for touch ups. It’s a lot less drying than the Maybelline one I talked about in my last post, and it didn’t break me out or irritate my skin at all when I first started using it. This is probably my favorite drugstore powder I own and I will absolutely repurchase.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm, shade 01 Light

   This right here is probably my favorite summer skincare/ beauty product I own. I’m a swim coach, which means I spend up to three hours on a pool deck daily and I’m often in and out of the water. I found that this product is not quite waterproof, but at least a little water resistant. It eliminates redness and fills in pores, but doesn’t give a lot of coverage, perfect for the no makeup look. My skin always felt moisturized and healthy on the days that I used this. This is a high end product but it’s pretty old so i think it may have been reformulated, because I can’t find it anywhere online in a full size. 

Organix Biotin and Collagen Oil Mist

   Surprise! It’s not a makeup product! This is a hair product that has been doing great things for me for this past month. I have very short hair that doesn’t need a lot of attention so I usually stay away from all hair products. However, I’ve decided to grow my hair out, and I’ve found that it’s coming in curlier and thicker than when I cut it, so it needs some help. My hair naturally leans more toward the oily side, but this doesn’t make me feel oily at all, it’s completely weightless and smells like a vanilla cupcake. I had one or two tiny breakouts on my hairline when I first started using it but they went away within the first week so I really can’t complain. This is a great summer product for anyone whose hair is suffering from chlorine (me) or saltwater damage. 


   Well that’s all for today! Thanks for reading, it means a lot to me! Let me know in the comments what you thought and your opinion on any of these products! 


Five First Impressions

   So about a week ago I got my wisdom teeth out. That’s the reason I’ve been absent for a while, but in my narcotic filled stupor, I did some online shopping. Life tip: if you’re ever on heavy drugs, don’t shop online. It’s a bad idea. Anyways, I purchased a few things that I’ve been trying out for a while, some you’ll see here, and some hopefully in a later post. So let’s get started! Here are my five first impressions of recently purchased items.

Maybelline Shine Free Loose Powder, shade 01 light.

   So I’ve actually had this product for longer than is likely appropriate for a first impressions video. But, I haven’t used it much, and I only used it on my whole face a few days ago. I have to say, my first first impression wasn’t good. My skin does lean more towards oily than not, but at the time I was more normal than not. This powder was flaky and drying and I took it off almost as soon as I tried it on, it was then shoved to the back of my vanity drawer and I didn’t think about it for a week or so.

   Then, I woke up a few days ago feeling really gross in the skin department. The weather got really hot all of a sudden and suddenly I was sweaty and shiny and my regular loose powder wasn’t doing it for me. So I popped this bad boy open and hoped for the best. Suffice to say, I was truly impressed. I was matte all day, and completely shine free. I think this would be a great powder for oily skin, but anything else is an absolute no. Even with normal skin it was super flaky and awful. I’ll definitely be putting this to the test more, especially now that my skin has changed a bit.

Essence Lip Liner, shade 11 in the nude.

   I purchased this guy on the Target website, it was a bit of an impulse buy and I wasn’t sure I would like it. However, it’s rather exceeded my expectations. This lip liner is super creamy. I usually prefer liners that aren’t in pencil form, like the Rimmel ones, I always find pencil like liners too hard to work with. This one really is a very workable formula and the color is perfect to wear with almost anything, it keeps darker lip colors from bleeding and looks pretty all over the lip with a gloss on top. I’ve been wearing it nonstop and I really enjoy it.

Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation, shade 103 true ivory.

   I have some mixed feelings about this product. One one hand, I like the matte finish and the color is a great skin match. On the other, I’m a little bothered by the texture and heaviness. It claims to be lightweight, but I’m skeptical. I’ve only worn it once so I definitely need some more time to try it out so maybe my opinion on that will change. One very positive thing I do have to say is that since I’ve worn it, I haven’t broken out at all, and my skin isn’t dry or itchy. So I have high hopes, anything that doesn’t bother my sensitive skin deserves a chance.

E.l.f Mad for Matte eyeshadow palette.

   This guy is another one that I’ve had for a while, so I’m not sure I should be labeling it as a first impression. I’ve worn it pretty often and its what I have on my eyes as I write this. The shadows are gorgeous, my personal favorites are the light brown color third from the light and the brick color fifth from the right. Most of them are very pigmented but a few of the darker browns leave much to be desired.

   My biggest problem with these shadows are the way they blend. Or should I say, the way they don’t blend. I find them pretty powdery and I’ve gotta work for a nice blend with these. I’ll continue to try it out but I prefer my Nyx Naturals palette for brown/nude shades over this one.

Wet n Wild Megaglow Contouring Palette, shade 749A Dulce De Leche.

   So far this is a product that I’m really impressed with. First of all, I love the color. It’s perfect for my skin tone and I’m obsessed with the contour shade. These bad boys are pigmented as heck. When I first applied these I actually had to take a makeup remover wipe and fix my contour because it was so intense! I haven’t played around much with the highlighting shade other than to use it under the brow bone, but I like the color and texture. If you do try this out, I caution you to use a light hand.
   So that’s all for today! I’m still feeling not so great after my wisdom teeth removal but I felt bad about not writing anything. This was nice and easy to write from my bed. I have a few more products that I’m trying to write reviews on, but I have my final swim meet of the season this week and it’s three days long so it could be a while before you hear from me again. Thanks for reading!

Colourpop: Hot or Not

   Chances are that you’ve heard of the brand colourpop at some point in your life. Lots of youtubers use it and it is often praised for its unique formula and cheap price. This is my first ever experience using colourpop and I’ll be telling you about my first impressions, what I pick up more often and what is gathering dust at the bottom of my makeup drawer.

Highlight & Blush 

   I decided to grab one highlight and one blush so I could experiment with the formula. I got the highlight is the shade Smokin’ Whistles and the blush in the shade Holiday. I absolutely love the formula on both of these! This highlight has been my go to for the past few weeks and I am absolutely loving the formula! The color is a light champagne color with pinky undertones and it looks great with my skin color.
   Now the blush. I didn’t find anything wrong with the blush formula, it was creamy and luxurious to feel. However, I chose the totally wrong color for my skin tone. Holiday is a bright red with a slight peachy undertone. I’m suuuuppeeerr pale, and since these products are very highly pigmented, this color was just a little too dark and bold for me. But all in all, I would call colourpop face products a hit!
        Super Shock Shadow

I got two shadows as well, in the shades Shop and Stereo. Shop is probably my favorite of the two, it’s a perfect peachy pink and I use it in the crease of my eye often. Stereo is less my favorite. I usually love and look good in purples but this had a weird finish, so that on my eyes it looked more like brown than purple. I’ll continue using it to see if I can make it work, because it is such a pretty color in the pan.

   Creme Gel Liner

I decided to get a liner just for the kicks, and there’s not much to say about it. It’s a plain black that doesn’t apply as easy as it could have. I’ve heard great things about their colored liners as well, but there are so many that I wouldn’t know where to start. This liner is in the shade Swerve, and while it’s not the worst liner, it isn’t the greatest.

   Ultra Matte Liquid Lip Color

I was hesitant to buy one of these because I was afraid that the formula would be drying, and boy was I right! I love the color, and I’m so mad that the formula just doesn’t work for me. I have it in the color Solow, and if you’re fine with dried out lips or used to that matte texture, you should try them out. They just personally weren’t my favorite when it came to formula.

   Lippie Stix

Last but certainly not least, here are my favorite products that I purchased in this group. I have the shades Frida and Bichette and of the two Frida is my favorite. It’s a gorgeous nude pink color, and it’s a great choice for natural makeup as well. It pretty much lives in my purse for when I need a quick touch up. It has a satin finish and is not drying.

   Bichette is a dark cool toned red color, and it is very bold for a pale gal like me. However, I still love it! The formula is matte, but certainly not what I expected after trying the Ultra Matte lip color. I’m very happy with these two products, and would definitely consider buying more Lippie Stix in the future!


    That’s all folks! Thanks for reading and drop a comment below with your favorite color pop item and maybe I’ll check it out! I’m preparing for a few posts as well, I was thinking of doing a Wet n Wild mini haul (because I have none of their products) and a Shop Miss A haul. If you guys have any products from these places that you’d like me to review, drop a comment and tell me what they are! Thanks for reading!

     – Hannah

June Beauty Favorites

   These products are the ones that I’ve been testing out and loving for the month of June! All of them I highly recommend and are drugstore products!

 –Physicians Formula Organic Wear Mascara

   If you have sensitive eyes or allergies, this mascara is perfect for you. For a long time, I went without mascara at all, because I have really sensitive eyes and everything else bothered me. This is the only mascara I own, and so far I love it. It may not give you perfect length or volume, but it’s comfortable to wear and doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Physicians Formula has several types of organic mascaras, and I’ll definitely be checking others out!

 –Milani Eyeshadow Palette in 02 Bare Necessities 

   Being an absolute sucker for nude eyeshadow, I was excited for this as soon as I saw it. This product is pretty new to the drugstore, and it comes in about 4 different color combinations. This one appealed to me the most, and I’ve been really enjoying it so far. My favorite shades are the grayish crease shade, and the highlight (which I’ve been using on my face as well, and it looks stunning). The formula is gorgeous and I’m able to make a neutral every day look, or something more daring. I love that it’s travel sized and it’s been with me on all my summer adventures.

 –Maybelline NY lipstick, Lust for Blush

   Maybelline lipsticks are in my opinion, the best drugstore lip products. I have a nude one that I love as well, but I wanted to branch out more, so I got this gorgeous purpleish pink color. I was a little worried that it wouldn’t be wearable, but it’s actually a very nice shade, not too shocking and definitely not garish. It has a great formula and matte finish, and something I’ve gotten a lot of complements on. 

 –Maybelline NY true match concealer 10 light

   Have you guys noticed a pattern with the Maybelline stuff? Definitely one of my favorite drugstore brands. This concealer is great! It blends well, has a nice texture, and a gorgeous finish. I have two shades actually, and 10 is slightly darker than the other one, with a nice peachy undertone. It’s definitely my favorite concealer that I own!

Thanks for reading! Sorry for the sporadic posting schedule, I promise I’ll figure wit out eventually! I know this is a little late in the month for a June favorites, but I really wanted to post one. If you try out any of the products on this list, let me know, I’d love to hear from you! 

The Beginners Guide to the Bullet Journal

What is a bullet journal?

A bullet journal is a customizeable planner that you make for yourself. The idea comes from a man named Ryder Carroll, and to find more from the source you can check out his website, http://www.bulletjournal.com.
However, the bullet journal isn’t just a planner, it can be used as a diary, sketch pad, or anything else you might be able to fathom. Your bullet journal is ideally a place for you to put everything, because when all the information you need is in one place, life gets a lot less chaotic. The bullet journal is a lifesaver for the organized and disorganized alike. If you already have a grasp on all your activities and work, good for you! The bullet journal might be a creative outlet for you. If you don’t, then don’t worry, the bullet journal will help you keep a good handle on your life with just a little preparation.

Where do I start?
First things first to start off, you have got to get yourself a notebook. The type doesn’t matter, but if you plan on keeping it around for a while, I’d make an investment and get something a little sturdier. My bullet journal is a Moleskine®, arguably the most popular choice, according to the studyblr community on Tumblr. If you need something a little sturdier, as the Moleskine® does bend quite a bit, I’ve heard good things about Leuchtturm® notebooks. These have a harder cover and are a little wider with more pages. The best part is that it is only $18, instead of the $20 you might pay for a Moleskine®. Your notebook can be lined, graph, or dotted, I suggest dotted, because you have to structure of graph paper, without as many lines.
Next comes the setup, Ryder Carroll does an amazing job explaining the setup, but remember that it is just a foundation, and you should build off of it as you see fit. Your bullet journal is yours, and should be personalized to fit your needs. I do suggest starting with a table of contents and a key if you think your journal might be complicated, and from there moving on to daily and/or weekly spreads that you might see in a store bought planner.
What do I put in my bullet journal?
Your bullet journal should contain your schedule, events, and tasks. I use mine to keep track of my schoolwork, which is a very popular choice. But there are a lot more things you can add! Below is a list of some extra pages you might want to add to your bullet journal for a little more fun.
• To read / watch / download
• List of birthdays
• Favorite quotes
• Reading challenges
• Budgeting
• Meal plans
• Wish lists
• Goals / resolutions
• Shopping list
• Swatches
• A favorites list
• Habit tracker
• Grade tracker
• Sleep log
• Achievements

My Thoughts:
The bullet journal is a great way to get organized, it makes keeping up with life 10x easier, and I’d be lost without it. I think it’s a great way to get organized, and if you do it right, stay organized. I feel like the bullet journal kick started me into organizing other aspects of my life. Tell me if you try it out, and feel free to ask me about it if you want more detailed information about my system. If this post seems to be well liked, I might do an overview of my bullet journal. For more detailed information and ideas, check out the bullet journal tag on Pinterest, Tumblr, or Instagram. Or just check out the website.
Thank you all so much for reading, and please drop a comment telling me what you think. I’m always open to criticism and I hope to hear what you guys think about my writing and advice!
– Hannah

Introductory Post

Hey there, thanks for stopping by! My name is Hannah and this is my blog! It’s still very new, so please have grace with me as I figure out how to use this platform. I started this blog as a personal creative outlet and a nice way to waste time over the summer. I should begin posting around mid-june to early july, I hope to post once a week and eventually figure out a posting schedule that works for me and all of you!

My first posts are going to be a series on journaling, so stay tuned for that!

I am always open to feedback and advice, especially as this blog is still a baby! Let me know what you want to see and what you think of it. Thanks again for reading, and please just bear with me as I get myself together!